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1 Complete your manuscript.
2 Edit your manuscript.
3 Publish and sell your book.

If you still have problems, please let us know by sending an email to support@authorsinafrica.com or use the contact form here . Thank you!


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Who we are

Welcome to a community of inspired talented African writers promoting the legend of African literature

For the past few years, AuthorsinAfrica dedicated itself to spotlighting authors and writers from all over Africa – their works, experiences, challenges and achievements. Our site has been noted for its interviews, author profiles, articles, blogs, and news items, exposing African writers in for the talented creatives that they are.

We have not, and will never stop doing this.
We have come to the realization (not very far fetched) that the publishing industry in Africa still leaves much to be desired. This could be as a result of the general lack of enthusiasm for reading, lack of information, limited access to the right opportunities, and so on. Whatever the case, AiA has joined the game of e-publishing and e-marketing.

Thanks to the speed of technological advancement, books are not only easier to access but also fun and relaxing, a welcome pastime to indulge in. Through our platform, authors and writers have the opportunity to proofread, edit, publish, sell AND market their books right here on AuthorsinAfrica. For more on this, visit Our Services page

AiA is also immensely pleased to be working with exceptional contributors to this great platform, such as talented author and journalist, Valentina Mmaka of Italian/South African origin. Her contribution and dedication to the literary scene in Africa is invaluable.

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What makes us different?

  • We are flexible to unique needs and situations because we work with you personally
  • You write, we proofread, publish, advertise and sell your books at your authorized price.
  • No sales commission. Yes, no percentage from your book sales goes to AiA.
  • AiA has a greater focus on writers and authors from Africa, where exposure for literary artists is running behind.
  • We provide a cost-effective one-time payment system for your campaign, which we follow through from start to finish.
  • No hidden fees; we are open and transparent every step of the way.
  • Our website is safe and security guaranteed.
  • We will treat your work with the utmost confidentiality and trust.


Yes, we can. And we will provide stats to demonstrate results. Go to Contact Us page and select Advertising and Reviews

Depending on a few factors, such as how many changes need to be made on said manuscript, an average of two to four weeks.

Yes, go to our Contact Us page and select Book Cover Design to communicate with our designers.

We have skilled editors to professionally edit your work and provide advice going forward. Go to Contact Us page and select the relevant option.

No, AiA publishes digitally and sells eBooks only.

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